Time Eater

Time Eater
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Time Eater is the final boss in Sonic Generations, a creature that drifted through time and space who was discovered by Dr. Eggman who then used him in an effort to defeat Sonic and conquer the world.

[edit] History

The Time Eater has the unique ability to stop and alter time and comes from unknown origins. After Dr. Eggman's last defeat in the events of Sonic Colors, he somehow discovered the Time Eater and realised its skills. Realising that with these skills Dr. Eggman could erase his previous defeats and finally take over the planet, Dr. Eggman took control of the Time Eater and upgraded it with robotic parts. In order to fully control the upgraded version of the Time Eater, Dr. Eggman needed someone as brilliant as himself to help him, so he went back in time and retrieved himself from the past.

The pair of Eggmans then both controlled the Time Eater and set about re-arranging time, specifically removing Sonic and his friends who always beat him in the past. Sonic's friends were scattered about various points in time whilst Sonic was forced to take on various points of his history again in order to retrieve them.

Both the present day Sonic and the past Sonic set about saving their friends and working through the old battles and eventually both catch up to both Dr. Eggmans and the Time Eater. Both Sonics, now transformed by the Chaos Emeralds into Super Sonics manage to defeat the Time Eater and both Dr. Eggmans, repairing the timeline.

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