To Catch a Queen

To Catch a Queen
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SeriesSonic Underground
Episode No.5
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To Catch a Queen is the fifth episode in the Sonic Underground animated series.

[edit] Synopsis

The episode begins with Sleet and Dingo chasing after Argus, a captain of Queen Aleena's Royal Guard and close friend of hers. Sonic, Sonia and Manic are closeby, picking up on the radio transmissions from Sleet and Dingo, so they go to help Argus, hoping to save him and also find out any information on their mother, but by the time the arrive they are too late and he has already been captured.

Argus is taken to Dr. Robotnik who interrogates him, demanding to know where the Queen is. Of course he refuses to give up any information, so Dr. Robotnik robotocizes him before Sonic, Sonia and Manic are able to save him. Knowing that Dr. Robotnik tends to show off his newest high rank robots in a kind of initiation ceremony, they disguise themselves as sound robots for the event in order to try and rescue Argus again.

Using their combined medallions the three hedgehogs are able to restore Argus' consciousness and escape from the ceremony. Once they reach safety, Argus explains that he was on his way to a secret rendezvous with the Queen when he was captured, but he is only able to tell them that the secret meeting place is in some underground tunnels before the effects of the medallions wear off and he reverts back to his robot-mind again. Because they have used their medallions alot today, there is no power left in them to bring Argus' mind back, so Sonic, Sonia and Manic escape and decide to head into town to see if they can find any information. Sleet and Dingo retrieve Argus and are able to gather the same information that Argus had told the hedgehogs and form their own plan to try and find the Queen.

After a tip-off from someone in town, Sonic, Sonia and Manic head into some underground water works where Queen Aleena is believed to be hiding. Sonic doesn't like the place due to his fear of water, but they soon realise that the location was a trap as Sleet and Dingo appear with a group of robots, as well as Argus. They reveal that the tip-off actually came from Dingo in disguise. Sleet sends in the robots to attack, during which the three hedgehogs are able to use their medallions again to bring Argus' consciousness back. Knowing this time the effects will be temporary, Argus points out where he was meant to meet Queen Aleena and, as Sonic is the only one who could possibly make it across the large pool of water to the meeting point, he has to put his fear of water aside to get across. Meanwhile, Dingo has disguised himself as Argus in an attempt to trick the Queen into coming along with him and ends up chasing her. Sonic aids in her escape by smashing into some rocks above a tunnel entrance, so Aleena is safely on one side of the tunnel and Dingo on the other. The three then make their escape.

[edit] Characters

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