Weapons Bed

Weapons Bed
Weapons Bed.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeIndustrial
Boss(es)Tails (after Weapons Bed)
Preceded byLost Colony
Proceeded bySecurity Hall

Weapons Bed is the seventh stage of the Dark Story and it's the fourth stage played as Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2. It takes place on Prison Island's military base.

When Eggman meets Shadow, the hedgehog explains more about Gerald Robotnik and how weapons of mass destruction was being created on the ARK, one of them titled the Eclipse Cannon. Shadow explains that all 7 Chaos Emeralds are needed to reactivate the cannon and Eggman decides to work with it. Rouge appears and asks to assist them, mentioning that she's a top treasure hunter of all sorts of jewels. She proves it by pulling out a Chaos Emerald that she found. Eggman allows her to join him and Shadow, and they set out towards Prison Island.

At the island, they come up with a plan to obtain the other Chaos Emeralds. With Eggman, he decides to distract the military troops.

[edit] Gameplay

This is a Mech/Shooting stage that takes place on Prison Island, specifically on the GUN's military fleet. Throughout the stage, Eggman will encounter large groups of GUN robots, all which don't attack you. This gives you the opportunity to chain many robots when locking on, allowing you to obtain high scores. There are also flying GUN robots that drops bombs towards Eggman periodically. After getting through the enemies and destroying the iron crates that block your path, you'll reach the Goal Ring.

[edit] Upgrade

The upgrade that Eggman gets in this stage is the Large Cannon, allowing him to break iron crates. This upgrade is required to progress through this and future stages.

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