Final Fortress

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Final Fortress
Final Fortress.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Heroes
Other AppearancesSonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Sonic Generations
Level TypeFlying Fortress
BossEgg Emperor
Preceded byEgg Fleet
Proceeded byNone, as it's the final stage

Final Fortress is the fourteenth and final stage of Sonic Heroes, and is a continuation of the Egg Fleet. As with the previous stage, the teams go through different battleships, destroying them along the way. There are also many cannons and tough enemies that the teams must endure. Throughout the stage, there are many platforms of the fleet that will be collapsing, so teams must move quickly.

Finally, this stage's grind rails are unsafe as well, as many lasers will launch towards the rails that you're currently grinding on. At the very end of the stage, teams must quickly grind and switch along the many rails accordingly, as the lasers are firing across each rail. Getting hit by the lasers will result in falling into a bottomless pit, costing a life.

Completing this stage will lead to one final encounter with Dr. Eggman, with his strongest creation, the Egg Emperor.


[edit] Sonic Heroes

[edit] Main Story

[edit] Team Sonic

  • Normal Mission - Destroy the flagship's core.
  • Extra Mission - Get to the Goal Ring within 9 minutes.

[edit] Team Dark

  • Normal Mission - Get to the core where Eggman is.
  • Extra Mission - Defeat 100 enemies.

[edit] Team Rose

  • Normal Mission - Hurry and find Eggman.
  • Extra Mission - Collect 200 rings.

[edit] Team Chaotix

  • Normal Mission - Find the keys to the cell where the client is locked up.
  • Extra Mission - Find 10 cell keys.

[edit] Last Story

The setting of the Last Story is at the Final Fortress, as it continues on from the main story. Metal Sonic reveals himself as the main antagonist and decides to use all of the data he received throughout the main story, as well as the components from Eggman's Egg Fleet to transform into Metal Madness.

Following the battle with Metal Madness, the robot fully completes his transformation and becomes Metal Overlord, who serves as the final boss of the entire game.

[edit] Other Appearances

[edit] Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

There are three tracks in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing that are inspired from Final Fortress. The three tracks are: Turbine Loop from the Graffiti Cup, Dark Arsenal from the Egg Cup, and Thunder Deck from the Monkey Cup.

[edit] Sonic Generations

Final Fortress appears in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations. This stage is where Modern Sonic battles the Egg Emperor.

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