Altitude Limit

Altitude Limit
Altitude Limit.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Rush
Level TypeFlying Fortress
Boss(es)Egg Eagle
Preceded bySonic: Huge Crisis
Blaze: Mirage Road
Proceeded bySonic: Dead Line
Blaze: Huge Crisis

Altitude Limit is the sixth zone for Sonic and fifth zone for Blaze in Sonic Rush. It takes place high up in the skies on a fortress.

[edit] Gameplay

This stage has Sonic and Blaze proceeding through a fortress, where they will most be grinding on rails to advance through the stage. Some of the rails have spikes on them, so the characters have to be careful when grinding. This stage have hangliders and parachutes, which must also be used to progress through the stage. The hanglider sections are the only sections where you take control of a character in a 3D plane.

In both Acts, both characters must also use the rocket boards. While riding them, they must be careful not to crash into anything, such as the spikes, enemies, and the walls. If that happens, the board will explode, causing the players to drop to the lasers below, causing instant death.

The boss of this zone is the Egg Eagle.

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