Ancient Walkers

Ancient Walkers
SpeciesMobosaurs, a pterodactyl and 2 earthbound species
GenderPresumed Male
AgePresumed to be about 10,000

The Ancient Walkers are a group of three ancient Mobosaurs that were given immense power thanks to the Chaos Emeralds. The feature within the Archie Comics universe.


[edit] History

They acted as benefactors of peace and stability in the universe offering advice to those willing to listen to it. They rarely appeared to people in person though. Often sending messengers to speak in their place. The Ancient Walkers are most noted for wearing masks over their faces, thus when they do appear in person their faces were never seen.

[edit] Contact With Knuckles

The very first time the Ancient Walkers were seen when they made contact with Knuckles the echidna to warn him of the fate of Angel Island if he didn't stop the chaos emerald that Eggman shattered with one of his machines. The Walkers didn't speak to him though. They wrote on the walls to communicate with him. Then after warning him they knocked him out, when he awoke they were gone.

[edit] Sonic

After contacting Knuckles the Ancient Walkers seemingly vanished, but one day while Sonic was collecting rings he accomplished something no one had ever done before. He collected his millionth power ring. The Ancient Walkers brought him to their world, and talked to him about the link between the Chaos Emeralds and the Power Rings. Though they provided some insight they spoke in riddles and mostly just confused Sonic.

[edit] Stopping Mogul

When Mammoth Mogul rose to godhood the Ancient Walkers knew he was a threat and so assisted in stopping him. They, along with Athair gave Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails power rings to turn into their super forms. And so were a big part in defeating Mogul. But when Mogul broke free from the Master Emerald he knew they were a threat and used the last ounces of his power to attack them. They survived but were seriously damaged.

[edit] Death

The Ancient Walkers were finally defeated when the Arachne broke into the Egg Grape Chamber and used the Sword of Acorns to free Ixis Naugus from the Zone of Silence. It caused a ripple in space which destroyed the Ancient Walkers forever. Though they foresaw their destruction by the Sword of Acorns and chose three new Neo Walkers were to take their place. These three were their most frequent messengers; Aurora, Athair the Echidna, and Merlin Prower.

They are also the only beings ever to be considered true masters of chaos. Having been able to use all known Chaos abilities and therefore are presumed to be masters of those yet discovered by mortals.

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