Aquarium Park

Aquarium Park
Aquarium Park.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Colors
Level TypeWater
Boss(es)Admiral Jelly
Preceded bySweet Mountain, or Starlight Carnival(depending on player's choice)
Proceeded byPlanet Wisp, Asteroid Coaster or Terminal Velocity(depending on player's choice)

Aquarium Park is one of the latter stages in Sonic Colors and is unlocked by completing both Sweet Mountain and Starlight Carnival. This is a water and oriental themed stage. In this stage, consists of some underwater sections, where Sonic can freely move around, unlike most Sonic games. No Wisps are introduced in this stage, although Sonic can use the Yellow(Drill) Wisp under water, allowing him to destroy enemies and obstacles, as well as reach secret areas.


[edit] Wii Version

[edit] Act 1

Aquarium Park Act 1

The Act starts out with Sonic free falling and running inside of a tube, leading to the inside of the park. As he exits the tube and proceeds towards the park, Sonic will go along a straight downhill path, where he must use Quick Step. An alternative path is found if you jump and boost right before going down the hill. Sonic will land on a grind rail, taking you inside one of the park's structures. As Sonic traverses through the park, he will encounter Eggman's Egg Pawns, which can be defeated in numerous ways.

The blue hedgehog will also reach a section, where he must cross the water to proceed. He can simply move underwater, or boost on top of the water, allowing him to stay above surface. When Sonic goes underwater, he can use the Yellow Wisp to move through the stage much quickly, while plowing through obstacles and enemies. Also available in this act, is the Cyan Wisp, which can be used to reach secret areas.

After getting through multiple structures through the park, the act will end once Sonic touches the goal ring, which is held underwater.

[edit] Act 2

Aquarium Park Act 2

This Act starts out with Sonic running along collapsing platforms. Following that he'll encounter Egg Pawns, which he must defeat. This stage is entirely 2D and involves Sonic making his way across floating platforms and blue blocks. The Blue Wisp is the only Wisp found in this act. Sonic must use it to break through obstacles, in order to progress. Using the Wisps at the correct time and carefully making your way across the floating platforms, should get you through this very short Act.

[edit] Act 3

Aquarium Park Act 3

Sonic starts out next to a body of water. As he enters the water, there are currents that push him downwards to the ocean floor. The majority of this Act has Sonic making his way while underwater. In the water are many enemies and obstacles, which Sonic must avoid. The Wisps that appear in this Act are the Orange and Purple Wisp. The Orange Wisp are all located underwater and operate the same way as it does on land. This Wisp is mainly used to collect the Red Rings, most which are located in the air. The Purple Wisp appears at the end of the Act. Sonic will be riding down a platform, while encountering the Egg Pawns and black boxes, which can only be destroyed by the Purple Wisp. After that section, Sonic simply runs a short distance to the goal ring.

[edit] Act 4

Aquarium Park Act 4

The Act starts off with Sonic going down a curved path while briefly getting chase by a large purple creature. After temporarily escaping it, he ends up traversing through more of the park's structures. From this point, the majority of the Act is played in 2D. In between each of the structures, Sonic has the option of moving underwater, or simply boost above surface, heading into the next structure. The Wisps available in this Act are the Cyan and Yellow Wisp, neither being required to progress, but useful to reach alternative paths and collect Red Rings. The last structure of this Act forces Sonic to navigate through the structure's underwater portion, where he has to make his way through many enemies. Once he exits the water, the Act shifts back to 3D. Sonic will head down a steep, straight pathway, where the large creature reappears from behind and gives chase to Sonic. If the creature's close to you, it will attack you with his hands, but if it's far behind, it will emit lasers, where Sonic must Quick Step out of the way. After escaping the creature once more, it will explode, and Sonic will reach the goal.

[edit] Act 5

Aquarium Park Act 5

Just like Act 2, this act is very short and is only played in 2D. In this Act, Sonic must progress by utilizing a yellow spring, which repeatedly propels him in the air as he comes in contact with it. As Sonic is moving towards the right, the spring will keep up with it's movement. In the seconds half, Sonic will enter another area, where the stage will auto scroll upwards, and Sonic must stay on the spring and avoid obstacles, such as bombs and along the way. Sonic doesn't uses any Wisps throughout the Act. Afterwards, the goal ring will appear above Sonic.

[edit] Act 6

Aquarium Park Act 6

The Act begins in 2D. Sonic starts off the final Act by heading underwater. Throughout the underwater portion, are a group of small fish that can be used as a shield. Sonic will be able to take one hit from any obstacle or enemy without losing rings. There are much more enemies and obstacles in this section than the other underwater sections of previous acts. The many currents underwater can either help or hinder Sonic. The Yellow(Drill) Wisp is available during this portion of the stage, and Sonic can use it to enter hidden areas and move freely against the currents.

After exiting the water, Sonic must jump over the many waterfalls, as he make his way to another one of the park's structures. There will be two entrances to the structure. To take the top path, requires the Green(Hover) Wisp. After going through the structure from either path, Sonic will reach a room where he must defeat a final wave of enemies to progress. Afterwards, he'll head underwater once more, where he must find the goal ring.

[edit] Boss Battle

Admiral Jelly

The boss of Aquarium Park is Admiral Jelly and the entire boss battle is held underwater. Sonic starts out on a ship and must swim to the lever that is covered by a glass cover. As he is swimming, a group of torpedoes will be homing in on Sonic. He must lure the torpedoes to the glass cover, breaking it and allowing Sonic to attack the lever. After hitting the lever, Sonic will take on the Admiral Jelly, outside of his ship.

He will be moving constantly along with other pirates, who will try to attack Sonic. You'll get the opportunity to attack once he comes to a halt. After you hit him twice, Sonic will get sent back onto the ship, where you must repeat the process as mentioned above. After hitting the lever once again, he will face the boss once again. Hit him two more times, for a grand total of 4 times to defeat him.

An alternative way of defeating him, is using the Yellow Wisp, if you managed to grab one on the ship. Striking the boss with the Wisp will deal double damage.

[edit] DS Version

[edit] Act 1

This Act is similar to the Wii version except is in 2D. Players are introduced to large underwater areas. No new Wispas are introduced, but like the Wii version, the Yellow Drill can be used to move quickly underwater. The Cyan Wisp can be used above surface to reach secret areas. There are water sldes, as well as fish underwater that fling Sonic in a certain direction. Boosting on the water will allow Sonic to remain above surface.

[edit] Act 2

The second Act is very similar to Act 1, but there are more underwater areas and there's more emphasis on the Cyan Wisp. At the end of the Act, Sonic must head down a large water slide, while avoiding mines.

[edit] Boss Battle

Admiral Jelly

As with the Wii version, the boss of Aquarium Park is Admiral Jelly, but it plays out differently. Instead of being on a boat, you're on a small platform throughout the fight. The Admiral shoots a missile on one end of the platform, causing it to tilt. Sonic must head to the other end and use his Stomping ability to knock the other side of the plaform back up, causing the missile to fly back up, hitting the admiral.

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