First AppearanceSonic the Comic #5

Arachbot is a special badnik which exists in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

This badnik appears in issue #5 and lives within the Labyrinth Zone and describes himself as a Prime Badnik, meaning he can operate without the need of an organic battery. The badnik resembles a large spider.

During the issue, Arachbot, along with two Aquis, kidnap Tails with the intention of bringing him to Dr. Robotnik so that Tails can be turned into a badnik. He also explains that for the past few months they have been digging tunnels stretching out from Labyrinth Zone stretching out underneath several other zones across Planet Mobius.

At the end of the issue, Sonic catches up with Arachbot and is able to destroy it by spreading oil across the surface of the water that Arachbot is submerged in, then setting the oil alight, engulfing Arachbot in flames.

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