The Moto Bug from Green Hill Zone
Badnik was a term used to describe an enemy robot from the Sonic games, particularly in the early games. Inside each badnik is a helpless animal, which hops out when Sonic destroys the robot's shell. As a general rule, Sonic gains 100 points from destroying a badnik, which doubles for each consecutive badnik he breaks open.

The term was dropped after Sonic Adventure's release, due to the fact Dr. Eggman had started using the E series of robots.


[edit] Badniks

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog (16-Bit)

Image Name Location(s)
Ballhog.png Ball Hog Scrap Brain Zone
Batbrain.png Batbrain Marble Zone
Bomb.png Bomb Star Light Zone, Scrap Brain Zone
Burrobot.png Burrobot Labyrinth Zone, Scrap Brain Zone
Buzzbomber.png Buzz Bomber Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone
Caterkiller.png Caterkiller Marble Zone, Scrap Brain Zone
Chopper.png Chopper Green Hill Zone
Crabmeat.png Crabmeat Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone
Jaws.png Jaws Labyrinth Zone
Motobug1.png Moto Bug Green Hill Zone
Newtron.png Newtron Green Hill Zone
Orbinaut.png Orbinaut Labyrinth Zone, Star Light Zone
Roller.png Roller Spring Yard Zone
Spikes.png Spikes Spring Yard Zone
Splats.png Splats Unused

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog (8-Bit)

Image Name Location(s)
BallhogMS.png Ball Hog Scrap Brain Zone
BatbrainMS.png Batbrain Unused
BombMS.png Bomb Sky Base Zone
BurrobotMS.png Burrobot Labyrinth Zone
BuzzbomberMS.png Buzz Bomber Green Hill Zone, Bridge Zone
CaterkillerMS.png Caterkiller Scrap Brain Zone
ChopperMS.png Chopper Green Hill Zone, Bridge Zone, Jungle Zone
CrabmeatMS.png Crabmeat Green Hill Zone, Jungle Zone
JawsMS.png Jaws Labyrinth Zone
MotobugMS.png Moto Bug Green Hill Zone
NewtronMS.png Newtron Jungle Zone
OrbinautMS.png Orbinaut Labyrinth Zone, Sky Base Zone
No sprite Roller Unused
SpikesMS.png Spikes Bridge Zone

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-Bit)

Image Name Location(s)
Aquis.png Aquis Oil Ocean Zone
Asteron.png Asteron Metropolis Zone
Balkiry.png Balkiry Sky Chase Zone
Bee.png Bee Emerald Hill Zone (unused)
Bubbler.png Bubbler Chemical Plant Zone (unused)
BubblersMother.png Bubbler's Mother Chemical Plant Zone (unused)
Buzzer.png Buzzer Emerald Hill Zone
Chopchop.png Chop Chop Aquatic Ruin Zone
Clucker.png Clucker Wing Fortress Zone
Coconuts.png Coconuts Emerald Hill Zone
Crawl.png Crawl Casino Night Zone
Crawlton.png Crawlton Mystic Cave Zone
Flasher.png Flasher Mystic Cave Zone
Gator.png Gator Dust Hill Zone (unused)
Grabber.png Grabber Chemical Plant Zone
Grounder.png Grounder Aquatic Ruin Zone
Masher.png Masher Emerald Hill Zone
Nebula.png Nebula Sky Chase Zone
Octus.png Octus Oil Ocean Zone
Redz.png Redz Hidden Palace Zone (unused)
Rexon.png Rexon Hill Top Zone
Shellcracker.png Shellcracker Metropolis Zone
Slicer.png Slicer Metropolis Zone
Snail.png Snail Emerald Hill Zone (unused)
Sol.png Sol Hill Top Zone
Spiker.png Spiker Hill Top Zone
Spiny.png Spiny Chemical Plant Zone
Stego.png Triceratops Hidden Palace Zone (unused)
Turtloid.png Turtloid Sky Chase Zone
HiddenPalaceBat.png Unnamed Badnik Hidden Palace Zone (unused)
HiddenPlaceFish.png Unnamed Badnik Hidden Palace Zone (unused)
Whisp.png Whisp Aquatic Ruin Zone

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-Bit)

Image Name Location(s)
BombS2MS.png Bomb Gimmick Mountain Zone, Scrambled Egg Zone
Buton.png Buton Gimmick Mountain Zone
Drillin.png Drillin Gimmick Mountain Zone
Game-game.png Game-game Sky High Zone, Scrambled Egg Zone
Meleon.png Newtron Under Ground Zone, Sky High Zone, Green Hills Zone
NewMotora.png New Motora Under Ground Zone, Green Hills Zone
Taraban.png Taraban Under Ground Zone, Aqua Lake Zone, Green Hills Zone, Scrambled Egg Zone
Zaririn.png Zaririn Aqua Lake Zone
CEFish.png Unnamed Badnik Crystal Egg Zone

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Image Name Location(s)
Amenbo.png Amenbo Tidal Tempest Zone
Anton.png Anton Palmtree Panic Zone
Batapyon.png Bata-pyon Wacky Workbench Zone
Bigbom.png Bigbom Metallic Madness Zone
Dango.png Dango Stardust Speedway Zone
Ga.png Ga Collision Chaos Zone
Hotaru.png Hotaru Stardust Speedway Zone, Metallic Madness Zone
Kabasira.png Kabasira Stardust Speedway Zone
Kamakama.png Kama-Kama Collision Chaos Zone
Kamemusi.png Kamemusi Palmtree Panic Zone
Kanabun.png Kanabun Stardust Speedway Zone
Kemusi.png Kemusi Quartz Quadrant Zone
Kumokumo.png Kumo-Kumo Quartz Quadrant Zone
Mechabu.png Mecha-Bu Metallic Madness Zone
Minomusi.png Minomusi Wacky Workbench Zone
Mosqui.gif Mosqui Palmtree Panic Zone
Noronoro.png Noro-Noro Quartz Quadrant Zone
Patabata.gif Pata-Bata Palmtree Panic Zone
Pohbee.png Poh-Bee Wacky Workbench Zone
Sasori.png Sasori Quartz Quadrant Zone
Scarab.png Scarab Metallic Madness Zone
Semi.png Semi Wacky Workbench Zone
Tagataga.gif Taga-Taga Tidal Tempest Zone
Tentou.png Tentou Collision Chaos Zone
Tonbo.png Tonbo Tidal Tempest Zone
Yago.png Yago Tidal Tempest Zone

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

Image Name Location(s)
Buster.png Buster The Machine
Cluckbird.png Cluckbird Toxic Caves, Lava Powerhouse, The Machine
Ferron.png Ferron Lava Powerhouse
Krondor.png Krondor The Machine
MagmaWorm.png Magma Worm Toxic Caves
Rexxon.png Rexxon Toxic Caves
SpinballWasp.png Unnamed Badnik Showdown

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