Beginnings - Origins

Beginnings - Origins
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SeriesSonic Underground
Episode No.1
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Beginnings is the first episode in the Sonic Underground animated series, and the first of the three part Origins storyline.

[edit] Synopsis

The episode begins by detailing the back story of the series and shows how Queen Aleena was contacted by the Oracle of Delphius and given the warning that in order to save Mobius and protect her family she must separate herself from her three children, Sonic, Sonia and Manic. She leaves her three children in the care of different people, Sonic to an unnamed couple and Sonia to Lady Windimere, a wealthy aristocrat. Manic was supposed to go to another family in the city, but a friend of Ferrell stole the basket off the doorstep and took him to Ferrell, who subsequently decided to take him in.

Shortly after this, Dr. Robotnik overthrows the monarchy and assumes control of Mobius whilst Queen Aleena and her children remain in hiding. Sometime in Sonic's childhood, his parents are arrested after his whereabouts were discovered. But before they are captured, they urge Sonic to run away to his Uncle Chuck's house to safety. He stays there and, as he grows older, aids Uncle Chuck as part of the Freedom Fighter resistance which attempts to oppose Dr. Robotnik by disrupting his factories.

After Sonic's latest attack, Dr. Robotnik hires Sleet and Dingo, a pair of bounty hunters, to investigate what or who is attacking his factories. Soon enough they are able to discover that not only is it a hedgehog, but it is Sonic whom Dr. Robotnik had thought had simply disappeared with the rest of the family. He then renews his search for the royal family.

After Sonic's latest mission, he is contacted by the Oracle of Delphius who informs him that not only is Sonic a prince, but he also has another brother and sister who he must find. The only clue to their whereabouts is that Sonic should sing the song in his heart. Sonic is none the wiser about what to do, but his medallion starts to glow, so he grabs his guitar and heads to a local bar to play. Whilst he is playing, Sonia is nearby on a walk with Bartleby, her fiancé, when she overhears the song, as does Manic who is also closeby, they both go to investigate and join in on the drums and keyboard. Before they can really explain though, the bar is raided by robots, so the three split up and say to meet up in a couple of hours.

In the meantime, Uncle Chuck, Lady Windimere and Ferrell are all arrested by Dr. Robotnik and when they meet up again the Oracle also appears to tell them that their respective adoptive parents have been robotocised by Dr. Robotnik. The three, now re-united set about on their journey to find their mother and stop Dr. Robotnik.

[edit] Characters

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