Bingo Highway

Bingo Highway
Bingo Highway.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Heroes
Level TypeCasino
BossRobot Carnival
Preceded byCasino Park
Proceeded byRail Canyon

Bingo Highway is the sixth stage of Sonic Heroes and is a continuation of Casino Park. As with the previous stage, the teams must use the pinball tables to get through the majority of the stage, although there are some differences. In this stage, consists of bottomless pits in each table, which the teams must be careful not to fall into. Also, this stage features a BINGO board on the pinball tables. There are chips numbered 1-9 that's scattered throughout the table. To obtain BINGO, you must line up a row of numbers, which will earn you rings.

After completing the stage, each teams will battle Eggman's Robot Carnival, which involves the teams taking on waves of Eggman robots.


[edit] Team Sonic

  • Normal Mission - Blast down the high speed slides.
  • Extra Mission - Get to the Goal Ring within 6 minutes.

[edit] Team Dark

  • Normal Mission - Try the high speed slides.
  • Extra Mission - Defeat 100 enemies.

[edit] Team Rose

  • Normal Mission - Try the BINGO slides.
  • Extra Mission - Collect 200 rings.

[edit] Team Chaotix

  • Normal Mission - Collect 10 chips.
  • Extra Mission - Collect all 20 chips.
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