Cannon's Core

Cannon's Core
Cannon's Core.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeSpace / Industrial
Boss(es)Biolizard (penultimate boss)
Finalhazard (final boss)

Cannon's Core is the only stage of the Last Story and the final stage of Sonic Adventure 2. This stage is played by the entire cast with the exception of Shadow. It's played by the following sequence of characters: Tails, Dr. Eggman, Rouge, Knuckles, and finally Sonic.

After Dr. Eggman placed all seven Chaos Emeralds inside of the Eclipse Cannon on the Space Colony ARK, it activated a program created by Gerald Robotnik, which puts the ARK on a crash course to the Earth. Sonic and everyone else attempts to deactivate the Chaos Emeralds using Knuckles Master Emerald, which leads to the start of this stage.


[edit] Gameplay

This stage uses all of the game styles and the goal is to reach the Eclipse Cannon's core. One unique feature that this stage introduces is the Time Switches, which allows you to stop time momentarily. This switch is required to get through each character's section.

[edit] Tails

Tails goal is to reach the security door and destroy it. Throughout his section, there are enemies that are required to be destroyed in order to progesss, specifically the Artificial Chaos. Also, there are lasers blocking the way, which can only be disabled by hitting the Time Switch. In the final room, Tails must use the Time Switch to shut off the lasers, then jump up to the platform with the security door and start shooting it until it's destroyed to finish his section.

[edit] Dr. Eggman

Similar to Tails, Eggman must also reach and destroy the security door. There are cases where Eggman must cross some toxic liquid using the moving square blocks. The Time Switches can be used to temporarily freeze the square blocks, allowing him to carefully platform his way forward. In the final room, consists of more toxic liquid and Eggman must use the square blocks to make his way to the security door and destroy it to finish his section.

[edit] Rouge

Rouge starts off in a circular area. There's a main switch in the room that's closed off. Her goal is to access that main switch by hitting another switch nearby, which will make the main switch accessible. At the beginning, Rouge must climb the highest pillar to hit the Time Switch, allowing her to access the hallway that was blocked off by a water stream. Follow that path and she'll eventually reaches the switch that allows her to access the main switch. Run back to the area you began at and hit the main switch to finish her section.

[edit] Knuckles

The section that Rouge began at is now flooded and Knuckles section begins right above hers. The last security door is in front of Knuckles, but he must dive underwater and locate the switch that allows it to open. There are a few occasions where Knuckles won't be able to get by certain hallways due to the water current pushing him back. He must use the Time Switch to stop the water flow and quickly proceed through the hallway, or he will be pushed back. He will eventually reach the switch, opening the security door.

[edit] Sonic

Sonic heads through the final security door and he must make his way to the Cannon's Core, where the Goal Ring is located. There will be two doors, one on the left and one on the right. Sonic must head to the right to defeat the Artificial Chaos, will unlocks the left door. In the left door, he will proceed through a rail in the tunnel, leading him to a waterfall. Sonic must simply ride the waterfall, which takes him to the core, also the end of the stage.

Completing the stage will lead to the events of the Biolizard and eventually, the Finalhazard, which is Sonic Adventure 2's final boss.

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