Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Level TypeCasino
Boss(es)Knuckles: Chaos 2
Preceded bySonic: Windy Valley
Tails: Windy Valley
Knuckles: Speed Highway
Proceeded bySonic: Ice Cap
Tails: Ice Cap
Knuckles: Red Mountain

Casinopolis is a stage that appears in Sonic Adventure. It is located in the casino area of Station Square and it's only played by Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. This stage is split into two major sections. The first section is the main casino, which consists of two pinball tables, slot machines, showers, and a vault. The second section is the sewer area, which is underground, directly below the casino.


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Sonic

At Station Square's casino area, Sonic must stand on a switch, which caused a trail of rings to appear. Sonic must use the Light Speed Dash to zip past the trail of rings, leading to a large switch, which opens the stage's entrance.

This is Sonic's third stage and he's the only character that can possibly go through both sections. The goal is for Sonic to obtain 400 rings and drop them, inside of the vault. Sonic can obtain rings by playing the Sonic or NiGHTS Pinball Tables. If Sonic loses all three balls in either pinball table and has less than 100 rings, he will proceed into the sewer area, where he must make his way back above ground. In this sewer consists of many rings, but also many traps and obstacles, making it easier to lose those rings. Also, there are some slot machines, which Sonic can obtain a few rings by Homing Attacking into them.

[edit] Tails

Tails can enter Casinopolis by simply flying towards the switch above the entrance.

This is Tails' second stage and he only proceeds through the sewer area. He must race Sonic to the goal, where the Chaos Emerald lies. There are multiple routes that Tails can take to reach the goal.

[edit] Knuckles

Knuckles can enter this stage by climbing a nearby building and gliding towards the switch above the entrance.

This is Knuckles' second stage and he only searches for the Master Emerald pieces throughout the first section of the stage, which is the main casino. Although, Knuckles is in Sonic's section, he doesn't gain access to any of the Pinball Tables. Knuckles, although, does have access to the second floor of the main casino, which consists of enemies, some may possibly hold an Master Emerald piece.

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