Voice ActorWilliam Windom
First AppearanceSonic Boom

Cat is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series continuity. He is an older member of the Freedom Fighters and only appears in one episode.

During the episode Cat accompanied Sonic, Sally and Antoine on a mission in Robotropolis. The purpose of the mission was to sabotage Dr. Robotnik's new line of stealth bomber planes. Cat and Antoine were to keep watch whilst Sonic and Sally took care of the planes, but whilst they were keeping watch Antoine accidentally fell out of the tunnel they were hiding in and alerted the robots. Sonic distracted the robots in order to give Sally, Antoine and Cat a chance to escape down the tunnels, but Cat took a different turning to Sally and Antoine in order to divert the robots after himself and give them a better chance at escaping. Cat was captured shortly after.

After his capture Cat was brought before Dr. Robotnik and interrogated as to the whereabouts of Knothole Village, but Cat refused to tell him anything, so he was placed in a cell. Sometime later Sonic came to rescue him, but Cat told him he should leave and go after Sally instead as Dr. Robotnik was tracking her and Antoine in the Dark Swamp. Sonic agreed to go and promised to come back later, but by the time Sonic came back Cat was gone from his cell.

Cat's fate is never resolved but it can be presumed that he was likely roboticised.

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