Cream the Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit
FamilyVanilla the Rabbit (Mother)
First AppearanceSonic Advance 2

Cream the Rabbit is a cream-colored rabbit who first debuted in Sonic Advance 2.


[edit] History

She is rarely seen without Cheese the Chao, whom she uses as a weapon against her enemies. Cream is the daughter of Vanilla the Rabbit, and, along with Charmy Bee, is the youngest character in the Sonic universe at the young age of six.

[edit] Appearances

Cream appears in the following games:

[edit] Cameo Appearances

Cream and Cheese are trapped in the Cryptic levels in Shadow the Hedgehog. Cream's voice can also be heard on the Expert levels, cheering Shadow on. She also appears in Sonic Riders, but has no story input. She's a playable character in Sonic and the Secret Rings, in the game's Party Mode.

Also in Sonic Adventure DX, Cream will show up sometimes helping you by flying the way you need to go. One of these times is right after the scene after the Casinopolis.

[edit] Voice Actresses

  • Sayaka Aoki - Japanese - 2002 onwards
  • Sarah Wulfeck - English - 2002 onwards

[edit] Theme Songs

Follow Me - Kay Hanley

[edit] Appearances in Other Media

[edit] Animation

Cream appears in the Sonic X anime, playing a role largely similar to that of the games.

[edit] Comics

Cream, along with her mother Vanilla, have made several cameo appearances in the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comic series, first appearing when she and her mother are saved by Amy Rose.

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