Crush 40

Crush 40 is the name of a Hard Rock band that works with SEGA and creates a lot of music for Sonic games. It's current members are:

  • Johnny Gioeli – vocals
  • Jun Senoue – guitars
  • Takeshi Taneda – bass
  • Toru Kawamura – drums

They first started making music in video games with NASCAR Arcade. Later they created the main theme for Sonic Adventure: "Open Your Heart". In Sonic Adventure 2 they created the main theme "Live and Learn, Sonic's theme "It Doesn't Matter", and the theme for the first level "City Escape". In Sonic Heroes they created the main theme and the song "What I'm Made of". Since then, Crush 40 has created music for numerous Sonic games. Other songs include:

and many more.

It has been rumored Crush 40 will return in the upcoming Sonic game Sonic and the Black Knight.

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