Dark Garden

The Dark Garden is one of the Chao Gardens available for visiting in Sonic Adventure 2.

[edit] Unlocking

The Dark Garden is easy to unlock. It can be time consuming, but a bit of patience is all that is needed. Similar to unlocking the Hero Garden, all that is needed is a Dark Chao. Once a Dark Chao is obtained, the Dark Garden is immediately unlocked.

[edit] Appearance

The Dark Garden appears to be a very evil, disturbing place. It signifies a graveyard, or hell. As with the other gardens, there is a pool for Chaos to swim. Unlike the others though, the color of the pool is red, like blood. There are tombstones near a wilted tree, and a cage hanging on one of the branches. The floor is rocky, and there is no great height to jump off, unlike the other two gardens.

Overall, the garden is plain and graveyard-looking.

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