Dead Line

Dead Line
Dead Line.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Rush
Level TypeSpace
Boss(es)Sonic: Blaze
Blaze: Sonic
Preceded bySonic: Altitude Limit
Blaze: Huge Crisis
Proceeded byPoint W

Dead Line is the final two Act zone for both Sonic and Blaze in Sonic Rush. It takes place inside of a space station, where in Sonic's story, he is trying to locate Eggman Nega, and in Blaze's story, she's trying to locate Dr. Eggman.

[edit] Gameplay

Dead Line intrdouces a new feature, which has Sonic and Blaze going through different gravity changes. Throughout both Acts, the gravity is constantly changing, causing Sonic and Blaze to run, while on the ground and ceiling. This stage is also filled with cannons and rockets, which are required to get to other sections of the stage. There are a few occasions where you must maneuver the rocket carefully over a bottomless pit. Finally there are portals that suck up your rings if you take damage near them.

At the end of this zone, Sonic will battle Blaze in his story and vice versa for Blaze in her story.

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