Voice Actor(s)Peter Wilds (English)
First AppearanceBeginnings - Origins

Dingo is a re-occuring villain featuring in Sonic Underground.

He, along with his work-partner Sleet, were originally bounty hunters but were forced into Dr. Robotnik's service and made to work for him to aid him in capturing Queen Aleena and her three children.

Dingo makes up for his lack of intellect with his large, muscular body meaning he is very strong and can break and lift things most other characters can't. Despite this though, his lack of intelligence and the fact that he is also quite gullible, means that their plans often fail or run into problems. Sleet often becomes frustrated with Dingo because of this and frequently insults and makes fun of him. Dingo also has the ability to be transformed into virtually anything with a small device which Sleet controls.

Despite being a villain, Dingo does have a slightly softer side to him and develops a crush on Sonia, which she frequently uses to her advantage when they find themselves in trouble.

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