Dinosaur Jungle

Dinosaur Jungle
Dinosaur Jungle.png
Appearance(s)Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level TypeJungle
Preceded bySand Oasis
Proceeded byEvil Foundry

Dinosaur Jungle is the second stage of Sonic and the Secret Rings. This stage is at a jungle setting and Sonic must make his way through this location while avoiding various dinosaurs.


[edit] Plot

After playing the first mission, a cutscene will play, in which Sonic and Shahra have located King Shahryar, who was dropped by a flying dinosaur. Shahra asks for the location of the spirit they're looking for, where King Shahryar points in the direction of a fortress.

After completing more missions of Dinosaur Jungle, Sonic will obtain the second World Ring.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Go for the Goal

  • Follow the Pterosaur.

Sonic must run through a jungle inhabited by dinosaurs and avoid obstacles such as the cacti. The beginning of the stage begins as Sonic runs from 3 dinosaurs. He'll reach a section where he will fall onto a log, which he must use to ride down the river before he proceeds on land. There are other areas of the stage, where Sonic must use a log to cross a body of water.

Also, throughout the stage are vases which Sonic must use to proceed to higher areas of the stage. When in the vase, shake the Wii Remote to move the vase upwards.

One final thing unique to this stage are that some dinosaurs can be used as platforms to progress.

[edit] Diehard Challenge

  • Don't get defeated.

This mission begins at the halfway mark of the stage. Sonic must avoid the obstacles and make his way to the goal. The section where he has to cross the water using the log consists of more spikes than usual and will result in the failure of the mission if Sonic comes in contact with one.

[edit] Collect Rings

  • Collect 99 Rings.

Sonic starts out at the beginning of the stage. With this mission, numerous rings appear from the start. Sonic must simply collect 99 rings to clear the mission. There are silver rings, worth 20 rings, along the way.

[edit] Perfect Challenge

  • Don't take damage.

Sonic begins at the section where he must run along the dinosaur and ends before the second log section. There are a huge amount of spikes and cacti that Sonic must carefully avoid. Also, more enemies appear, despite being a very short mission.

[edit] Rampage

  • Defeat 10 enemies.

Sonic begins after the first log section. The stage plays out normally and Sonic must simply defeat the 10 enemies that he encounters. If he goes far enough, he'll reach the second log section, although he takes an alternate path, rather than travel across the water.

[edit] Stealth Attack

  • Don't defeat enemies.

Sonic once again, starts out at the section before he runs on the dinosaur. He must simply make his way to the goal without touching the enemies. There are launcher hoops that must be used to skip or avoid some enemies.

[edit] Head to Head

  • Beat Uhu to the Goal.

Sonic must race Uhu, in the form of a blue ball, to the goal. Sonic begins once again, at the section where you run on the dinosaur and it ends once you get past the cave. Failing the mission will make things harder, in that Sonic will be sent back to the checkpoint, but Uhu will continue onwards.

[edit] Chain of Rings

  • Get a 30 ring combo.

Simply chain 30 rings as quickly as you can. Using the vase to reach the coins above, as well as Homing Attacking the enemies to reach the vertical row of coins makes this mission very straightforward.

[edit] Special Challenge

  • Smash 5 Genie Eggs.

There are 5 Genies Eggs scattered throughout the Dinosaur Jungle. Sonic must find the eggs and use the Homing Attack to destroy them. This stage loops if Sonic misses an egg, so he'll get another opportunity to destroy them.

[edit] Special Challenge

  • Get the Pterosaur Egg.

Sonic begins in the same looping area of Dinosaur Jungle, as the previous mission. He must locate 4 Pterosaur Eggs and place them in their respective nests. There are multiple paths that Sonic is required to take in order to reach the eggs.

[edit] Collect Rings

  • Collect 99 rings.

As with the previous two missions, Sonic begins in the looping area and must collect 99 rings. There are multiple chests that hold Silver Rings. In the log section, Sonic must avoid the spikes, otherwise he'll fall into the water, causing him to get sent back to the checkpoint.

[edit] No Pearls

  • Don't get any Pearls.

This final mission also puts Sonic in the looping area. Pearls are scattered throughout the stage and Sonic must avoid them while making his way to the goal. Touching a pearl results in the failing of the mission and you must start from the beginning.

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