Dr. Ovi Kintobor

Dr. Ovi Kintobor
Dr. Ovi Kintobor, with Sonic
First AppearanceSonic the Comic 008 (Flashback)

Dr. Ovi Kintobor, more commonly referred to as simply Dr. Kintobor, was a human who lived on Planet Mobius in the Sonic the Comic continuity. He became Dr. Ivo Robotnik during an accident and is only seen in the comic in flashbacks or alternate dimensions.


[edit] History

It is unknown how Dr. Kintobor came to be living on Planet Mobius as the only human, but he worked as a scientist, hidden away in a secret underground laboratory. Unlike the Dr. Robotnik he would become, Dr. Kintobor worked for good reasons, one of his main goals was to rid the entire planet of evil.

He also became good friends with Sonic, after the latter found his laboratory by accident. After that Sonic would visit often and hang out with him, as well as aid him in his experiments and projects.

[edit] Inventions

[edit] Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor

One of Dr. Kintobor's most important projects was the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor, or ROCC for short. This was a large device that, powered by the rings scattered throughout Mobius, was collecting all of the planet's evil and storing it within six emeralds. However, the ROCC was dangerously unstable as Dr. Kintobor had thus far not been able to locate the seventh emerald. Unknown to Dr. Kintobor or Sonic at the time, the seventh emerald was actually on the Floating Island in the possession of Knuckles the Echidna.

[edit] Power Sneakers

After meeting and becoming good friends with Sonic, Dr. Kintobor became intrigued by his incredible speed and invented a special pair of shoes for him which he named the Power Sneakers. These shoes had a special anti-friction capability which he hoped would allow Sonic to run even faster than before. It was with these sneakers that Sonic broke the speed of sound and turned blue.

[edit] Kinetic Gyratoscope

The Kinetic Gyratoscope was another device that Dr. Kintobor built with Sonic's help in mind, and was like a large treadmill. Used by Sonic in conjunction with the Power Sneakers, Sonic was able to run on the treadmill which would somehow search the planet for the missing seventh emerald. However it was only used once, when Sonic was running on it he broke the speed of sound which caused an explosion, destroying the machine.

[edit] Transformation into Robotnik

One day whilst Sonic was visiting as usual, Dr. Kintobor became hungry and offered to make them both something to eat. However, he had forgotten to go shopping again and all that remained in his fridge was a rotten egg. Dr. Kintobor removed the rotten egg from the fridge and as he was carrying it he tripped over some of the cabling that was along the floor and landed on the ROCC, causing it to explode. In the resulting explosion, all the evil energy that had gathered in the emeralds combined with Dr. Kintobor and the rotten egg, turning him into the evil Dr. Robotnik.

[edit] Kintobor Computer

The Kintobor Computer is a self-aware, highly intelligent computer that has a copy of Dr. Kintobor's brain waves imprinted on it. The computer was used frequently by Sonic and the rest of the freedom fighters, particularly Porker Lewis.

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