Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
SEGA Technical Institute
Platform(s)Mega Drive
Master System
Game Gear
Nintendo Wii (Virtual Console)
Release dates (MD/GG)NA December 1993
EU January 1994
Release dates (MS)EU July 26th 1994
SA July 26th 1994
Release dates (VC)NA December 11th 2006
EU December 15th 2006
Release dates (3DS)TBA

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is a puzzle game that involved the placing of four or more beans of the same colour adjacent to each other in order to get rid of them. The game was basically an edited version of the Japan-only game Puyo Puyo. This is the first time a Sonic game does not feature Sonic at all, with all the characters and designs being based off Dr. Robotnik and the various badniks, such as Scratch and Grounder, featured in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.


[edit] Re-releases

Since the initial releases on Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear, the game was later ported to the Nintendo Wii virtual console, 3DS download and included on the following compilations:

[edit] Storyline

Dr. Robotnik has hatched a plan to ensure that no music or fun remains on Mobius. To do this however, he kidnaps the citizens of Beanville and stuffs them into a giant robotising machine called the Mean Bean-Steaming Machine (hence the name, Mean Bean Machine), so that they become his robot slaves. The player must now defeat each of the robot guards and finally Robotnik himself, to foil his evil plans.

[edit] Gameplay

There are 3 game modes available: Scenario, 2 Player Battle and Exercise Mode. Regardless of game mode, the main goal is the same. Two beans are dropped into the grid and controlled by the player in each turn, with the grid capable of holding 6x12 beans. The player must group beans of the same color together, while keeping the grid from filling up. 4 or more beans grouped together remove them from the grid, and any beans above move to the bottom. If the grid is filled up, the game is over.

[edit] Scenario Mode

This mode plays through the storyline of the game. The player has to face off against 13 of Robotnik's guards one by one, each with their own tactics. The gameplay is the same as stated above, with the inclusion of clear beans called Refugee Beans. These rogue beans are dropped into the opponent's grid by creating groups of more than 4 beans or performing combos. They can't be removed unless they are adjacent to a disappearing group of colored beans, and this can be used to block your opponent's moves to overfill their grid.

[edit] 2 Player Battle

This mode is the same as the Scenario Mode, but 2 players can face off against each other.

[edit] Exercise Mode

This is essentially a practice mode for the game, and 2 players can play at the same time, however they don't effect each other's grid in game. The refugee beans aren't available here, but in their place are two other types of bean that appear on the odd occasion to lend a helping hand.

  • The first is the Has Bean, the crazy little thing you see in the status pod on screen. Any beans he walks across turn the same color and then the grouped beans disappear.
  • The second is the Big Bean, a giant red bean that removes all beans he passes over from the grid straight away.

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