Dr. Robotnik (Movie)

Dr. Robotnik
Voice Actor(s)Junpei Takiguchi (Japanese)
Edwin Neal (English)

This is the version of Dr. Robotnik as he appears in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie.

At the start of the movie Dr. Robotnik has almost completed his newest creation; Hyper Metal Sonic, but to finish it he requires Sonic's data. In order to get the data, Robotnik travels from his home in the Land of Darkness to the Land of the Sky and takes the President and his daughter, Sara, hostage as bait to lure Sonic and Tails. Robotnik lies to them and claims that a huge robot, Metal Robotnik, has taken control of Robotropolis in the Land of Darkness and is blocking entrance to the Robot Generator, a large machine which, if it explodes, will devastate both the Land of Darkness and Land of the Sky. Sonic eventually agrees to go with Tails and stop the generator, and shortly after Sara becomes frustrated with constantly losing against Robotnik at video games and demands they go for a drive. Robotnik reluctantly agrees and the pair go out in the Metal Robotnik robot and chase after Sonic and Tails.

Metal Robotnik catches up with Sonic and Tails on the outskirts of Robotropolis and attempts to stop them from entering the city. But the combined efforts of Sonic, Tails and also Knuckles who later joins them, eventually stops the robot. But Robotnik's original goal is realised as, when Sonic stops the Robot Generator, the machine also copies his data and transfers it into Hyper Metal Sonic. After activating Hyper Metal Sonic, Robotnik attempts to resurrect Metal Robotnik but the machine soon crumbles, revealing that he and Sara, who is still his hostage, were inside. He and Sara soon leave, letting Hyper Metal Sonic deal with Sonic.

Robotnik later gives Sara a wedding dress and suggests that, as once Hyper Metal Sonic has finished with Sonic and destroys the Land of the Sky, they will be the only people left and should get married. Despite taking the dress Sara flat out refuses to marry him.

Later, Robotnik and Sara catch up with Sonic, Hyper Metal Sonic and the others at the glaciers. When Tails and Knuckles arrive, Robotnik launches at set of missiles, built like a tortoise and a hare, to destroy the Tornado plane, but due to a design failure only the hare missile explodes and the tortoise one just crawls slowly out of the barrel. Eventually Sonic and Hyper Metal Sonic's fight ends after Hyper Metal Sonic rescues the President and Old Man Owl and falls into the lava, letting himself be consumed rather than be saved by Sonic. Robotnik is undeterred though as he still has Sonic's data on disc, but shortly after revealing the disc, the tortoise missile finally catches up and destroys it.

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