Drill Eggman

Drill Eggman
Dr. Robotnik as Drill Eggman
Features inSonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-Bit)
LevelEmerald Hill Zone
Previous BossNone, first boss
Next BossWater Eggman

Drill Eggman (a.k.a. Drill Robotnik) is the first boss in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-Bit) and is found at the end of Act 2 in the Emerald Hill Zone. Dr. Robotnik appears at the end of the stage in a modified Egg Mobile, now propelled by helicopter rotors, which docks into a wheeled vehicle, complete with drill attachment on the front.

Dr. Robotnik uses the vehicle to drive back and forth across the boss area, attempting to run the drill attachment into Sonic and Tails. However, the top of the vehicle where Dr. Robotnik sits, as well as the back, are vulnerable to attack, making the boss a simple matter of jumping over the front where the drill is, into the vehicle. After being hit 7 times, Dr. Robotnik fires the drill forward off the front of the vehicle. The boss takes 8 hits in total to defeat.

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