Dry Lagoon

Dry Lagoon
Dry Lagoon.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeRuins
Preceded byIron Gate
Proceeded bySand Ocean

Dry Lagoon is the second stage of the Dark Story and it's the first stage played as Rouge in Sonic Adventure 2. This stage takes place in some ruins near a lagoon.

Rouge attempts to steal the Master Emerald, which she thinks is an ordinary jewel, from Knuckles, and while arguing, Dr. Eggman appears to steal it. Knuckles tries to stop Eggman, only to accidentally shatter the Master Emerald to pieces. Rouge leaves to begin her quest to search some of the Master Emerald pieces.

[edit] Gameplay

This is a Treasure Hunting stage that's split into two major sections. The Emerald pieces can be found at different locations in both sections. The first area, which Rouge begins at, consists of a small oasis in the center that's partly enclosed by a shrine. There's also a top level of this section that's filled with GUN forces. To access the second area, you must destroy the two GUN robots that's guarding the turtle. Afterwards, the turtle will head into the oasis, where you can use it to transport to the second area. The second area is mostly filled with water, so there will be Emerald pieces which require you to swim underwater.

[edit] Upgrade

The upgrade for Rouge in this stage, is the Mystic Melody, which allows Rouge to access secret areas. This upgrade is required to complete Rouge's Mission 3 stages. To obtain it, you're required to have the Pick Nails from Egg Quarters, allowing you dig into a wall painting, leading to the upgrade.

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