Egg Mobile (Underwater Rockets)

Egg Mobile (Underwater Rockets)
Dr. Robotnik in the armed submarine
Features inSonic the Hedgehog (8-Bit)
LevelLabyrinth Zone
Previous BossEgg Mobile (Rolling Bombs)
Next BossSky Base (Boss)

This is the fourth boss of Sonic the Hedgehog (8-Bit) and found at the end of the short act 3 of the Labyrinth Zone. Dr. Robotnik returns in what appears to be an upgraded version of the Egg Mobile which he used to fight Sonic in the Bridge Zone. This time, as well as shooting small bombs from the top of the craft, it can also shoot homing rockets from the base.

Dr. Robotnik appears either from the middle bottom gap in the area, or the top left and right. If Dr. Robotnik appears at the bottom of the screen, he will fire the bombs, similar to his attacks in the Bridge Zone. In these instances, it's safer to duck under the path of the bombs and not attack at all. When Dr. Robotnik appears from the top of the area, he can be attacked as he lowered down before firing the homing rocket, which will follow Sonic for a brief period before detonating. It should be noted that falling into the gap at the bottom of the area will cause Sonic to die, but Sonic cannot drown in this area despite it being underwater.

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