Egg Nega Wisp

Egg Nega Wisp
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Appearance(s)Sonic Colors

Egg Nega Wisp, or Nega Armor Wisp in the DS version, is respectfully the final boss of Wii version and penultimate boss of the DS verion of Sonic Colors. The boss battle takes place in Terminal Velocity.


[edit] Description

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In the Wii Version, the Egg Nega Wisp resembles the purple(Frenzy) Wisp. The face consists of the cockpit, where Eggman resides, as well as a huge razor shaped mouth with a cannon inside. Also attached to him are two tentacles on the side, which he uses as arms, and each of those tentacles have mouths, which shoot projectiles as well. On the back consists of large tanks, which hold the Wisps that Eggman uses against Sonic. Depending on which Wisp Eggman uses, the tanks will change color.

The DS version's design is slightly different. The main body is similar to the Wii version. The only difference is that the DS version lacks the two tentacles on the side of the body, although it does has one, which is used as a tail and is the main source of its attacks. As with the Wii version, Eggman uses the Wisps against Sonic.

[edit] Wii Version

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In this version, the Egg Nega Wisp uses only the Blue, Pink, and Cyan Wisp to attack during the battle. He can attack while in front or behind you.

  • Blue(Cube): Eggman tosses purple cubes onto the field, where Sonic must Quick Step his way through the formation of the cubes. Near the end, the formation of the cubes get longer.
  • Cyan(Laser): Eggman emits a laser from the tentacles, where Sonic must jump over them. Near the end, he launches the lasers at a faster rate.
  • Pink(Spike): Eggman launches a couple of sets of three spikes in a row, where Sonic must jump over them. Later on, he will launch more sets of spikes towards Sonic.

After dealing a certain amount of damage, he also use the following attacks:

  • Cube-Laser: Eggman launches cubes towards you, then he'll launch a laser, reflecting off each of the cubes. Sonic has to Quick Step at the right time to avoid the path of the laser.
  • Cube Spike: Eggman will once again launch cubes first, then spikes immediately after. The spikes will make its way through the cube formation towards your direction. You have to jump and use quick step to avoid both the cubes and spikes.

Once he finishes with an attack, Eggman's machine will approach you, giving you the opportunity to do a set of Homing Attacks to damage him. After successfully pulling off a set of Homing Attacks, two Wisps will be free. The machine will briefly be knocked on the ground, giving you another chance to attack by boosting into him, which frees one Wisp. The process repeats until you free all seven Wisps.

Finally the Wisps, along with Sonic combine to do one last attack, titled Final Color Blaster, to finish off Eggman and his Egg Nega Wisp.

[edit] DS Version

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In this version the Egg Nega Wisp uses only the Red, Orange, Yellow, Cyan, and Violet Wisp.

  • Red(Burst): Eggman launches a purple flame across the screen.
  • Orange(Rocket): Eggman launches rockets from below Sonic, using the machine's tail.
  • Yellow(Drill): The machine's tail will transform into the form of a drill and swing it towards Sonic.
  • Cyan(Laser): The tail will detached from the body and appear onto the platform, in the form of a claw. Then, it'll emit multiple lasers at Sonic.
  • Violet(Void): The tail, once again, detaches from the body and appear onto the platform . It will attempt to suck Sonic into a black hole, while the machine's body attempt to blast Sonic with missiles. He must boost into the machine to stop the Void Wisp.

After the Egg Nega Wisp uses some of its attacks, it will appear on the platform, giving Sonic the opportunity to jump on it and deal damage. Sonic must deal enough damage in order to free one Wisp. Eventually, Sonic will damage the machine enough to free all five Wisps. Immediately after, the Egg Nega Wisp will charge up an intense laser. The five Wisp that Sonic freed combine their power with him, allowing Sonic to combat the laser that the machine suddenly fires. Mash the 'Y' button to combat the laser and you'll eventually deal the finishing blow, freeing all of the Wisps.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Cyan Wisp is the only wisp that the Egg Nega Wisp uses against Sonic in both game versions.
  • This is not the true final boss in the DS version.
  • Unlike the Wii version, when you save a Wisp in the DS version, the Egg Nega Wisp loses that Wisp's particular power.
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