Egg Viper

Egg Viper
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The Egg Viper is a boss machine piloted by Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure and is the final boss in Sonic's storyline. It is a flying craft armed with various lasers that are strong enough to destroy the platforms Sonic is standing on, and also has a long tail which extends.

[edit] Boss Strategy

Eggman will start by shooting lasers at you so run as fast as you can so you can avoid them. Then Eggman will deploy the "tail" of his machine so you can jump on the 3 green lights with the homing attack up to the cockpit. You'll fall down on the other platform once you hit the cockpit.

Now Eggman will shoot you with the lasers and an explosive bomb. Avoid it and then, again, jump on the green lights to Eggman's cockpit to damage him a second time. Repeat that again. This time, after shooting you with the lasers, Eggman will start chasing you around on the platform and shooting you. Just pass under him and he'll stop. Then, hit him after jumping on the 3 green lights.

Now he'll destroy the platform on the other side of the room. After shooting you with the lasers he'll throw 2 spiked spinning platforms. Jump on one of them to reach Eggman's cockpit, that’s your chance to hit him again. After that he'll destroy one of the platforms you are on and throw his red spinning discs at you again. Reach Eggman and hit him again. If you miss him, each time he'll throw his spiked discs again and destroy another platform. If you keep missing him, he’ll keep destroying platforms until there are no more and then you'll fall to your death.

When you hit him for the last time, he'll explode but he'll try to crash on the platform you are standing on. Move quickly to another platform. Seven hits in total are needed to destroy Egg Viper.

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