Egg Walker

Egg Walker
Featured inSonic Adventure

The Egg Walker is a boss machine piloted by Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure and is a machine with large legs for walking, hence the name. It is also armed and can use it's large feet to stomp on things. The player fights this boss as Tails.

[edit] Boss Strategy

Eggman will throw bombs and sometimes fire at you so keeping moving around to avoid this. Go under him and when he raises one of his legs, jump to avoid the wave that his big foot will create when stomping the ground. Hit the leg just after that then Eggman's cockpit will fall between the legs so attack this quickly whilst it is low enough to do so. Then he'll jump so avoid him and you'll have to hit him the same way as before. The only difference is that now there are more feet so quickly hit to make Eggman’s cockpit fall. Five hits on Eggman's cockpit and he's defeated.

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