Emerald Coast

Emerald Coast
Emerald Coast.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Sonic Shuffle
Sonic Generations
Level TypeTropical Island
Preceded bySonic: None
Big: Ice Cap
Gamma: Final Egg
Proceeded bySonic: Windy Valley
Big: Hot Shelter
Gamma: Windy Valley

Emerald Coast is the first stage in Sonic Adventure and is in a tropical island setting. The characters that are playable in this stage are Sonic the Hedgehog, E-102 Gamma, and Big the Cat, although each of the characters traverse through different sections of this stage.


[edit] Sonic Adventure

[edit] Sonic

Sonic heads to Emerald Coast with the purpose of finding Tails, who had crashed his plane at that location.

This is the first stage of Sonic's story. Sonic begins by making his way through the beach, surrounded by Eggman's robots. He will eventually reach an area, where he will have to outrun an enormous whale that's destroying the pier behind Sonic. Near the end, Sonic will briefly run through the interior of the rocky stuctures, before exiting and finding Tails in plain sight on the coast.

[edit] E-102 Gamma

Dr. Eggman gave E-102 Gamma, as well as his brothers: E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon, and E-105 Zeta a test to capture a frog, who's holding a Chaos Emerald.

This is the second stage of Gamma's story and is a shortened, slightly altered version of Sonic's story. Gamma only progresses through the majority of the beach area. The stage ends once he finds Froggy.

[edit] Big the Cat

Froggy wanders into Emerald Coast and it is Big's job to fish him out. This is the third stage in Big's story and it takes place in the beach area, right after the whale chase in Sonic's section. With Big being near an ocean, he may get distracted due to the other fishes in the water as well. Big eventually finds the frog, only for it to be taken by E-102 Gamma.

[edit] Sonic Shuffle

This is one of the boards of Sonic Shuffle and was shown to be in Knuckles Dream World in the opening scene.

This board has two exclusive spaces. The Dolphin Space summons a dolphin that takes the player to another section of the board. The Air Bubble Space gives more air to a character, allowing to remain underwater for a longer period of time.

[edit] Sonic Generations

Emerald Coast reappears in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations as part of the Dreamcast Era.

[edit] Act 1

This Act is played, using Classic Sonic. Sonic starts off my crossing the beach, followed by him making his way through the rocky structures. He's also chased by a whale, but in a 2D plane. There's a new section, where Sonic must run along the walls while avoiding obstacles such as spikes. Near the end, he must use the wind to keep him afloat. The Goal Post will appear afterwards.

[edit] Act 2

Emerald Coast Modern

This Act is played, using Modern Sonic and it's structured differently than the original. Sonic starts off on a pier leading to the rocky structures. There are many different routes he can take, using the Boost ability and precised platforming. The whale chase occurs at the very end of the stage, and also includes a Quick Time Event. After Sonic escapes from the whale, he'll reach the Goal Ring.

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