Enchanter Kings

Enchanter Kings
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #16

The Enchanter Kings are two kings which exist in the Sonic the Comic continuity, and are the rulers of the Nameless Zone. The two current Enchanter Kings are never referred to by their first names and are just referred to collectively as the Enchanter Kings. As their name suggests, they are also skilled magic users.

[edit] History

Originally, even before Tails had left the Nameless Zone, there were three Enchanter Kings that ruled the zone. But the eldest, Shirob, had accidentally made contact with the Evil One and transformed into Trogg. However, the two remaining Enchanter Kings believed that Shirob had been killed by Trogg, and banished him to the Land Beyond.

The Enchanter Kings later contacted Tails and summoned him through a portal back into the Nameless Zone as Trogg was challenging them to bring their greatest warrior to fight him. If Trogg could defeat the warrior he would invade the Nameless Zone, but if he lost he would surrender. The Kings had read letters that Tails had sent back home to his family which (unknown to them) greatly exaggerated his deeds on Mobius and they were of the mistaken belief that Tails was the hero of the planet, aided by his sidekick, Sonic. They gave Tails a set of Enchanted Armour and, when Tails managed to defeat Trogg (albeit by a fortunate stroke of luck), were even more convinced of his abilities.

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