Eternal Engine

Eternal Engine
Eternal Engine.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeSpace
Preceded byDeath Chamber
Proceeded byMeteor Herd

Eternal Engine is the thirteenth stage of the Hero Story and it's the fifth and final stage played as Tails in Sonic Adventure 2. This stage takes place in space, aboard the Space Colony ARK.

After defeating King Boom Boo and Egg Golem, Sonic and his friends used the spaceship to reach the Space Colony ARK, although Knuckles separated along the way.

Sonic, Tails, and Amy discuss their next plan, which involves destroying Eclipse before Dr. Eggman fires again. Tails reveals to have created a fake Chaos Emerald, which have the same properties as the real one, but it's designed to reverse the energy fields inside the real Chaos Emeralds. Tails decides to head to the power supply to destroy it, while Sonic heads to the control room to switch the Chaos Emeralds. They both leave Amy, who gets angry because Sonic and Tails keep leaving her out.

[edit] Gameplay

This is the final Mech/Shooting stage and it has Tails making his way through the Space Colony ARK, towards the power supply. There are dynamite patches throughout the stage, which can hinder you, if shot. By shooting them, they will blow open the doors, which will cause suction in the nearby areas. If Tails is within that range, his machine will be pulled out into space, instantly losing a life. He must avoid many obstacles, such as the green toxic liquid, lasers, and steel weights that can fall on you. This stage introduces a new type of enemy called an Artificial Chaos, which can attack you from long range, with its arms and lasers. At the end of the stage, Tails will fall down a long shaft, leading to the power supply. After destroying it, the Goal Ring appears.

[edit] Upgrade

The final upgrade for Tails is in this stage, and it's the Bazooka, which allows Tails to shoot iron crates. With this upgrade, Tails can replay previous stages and uncover hidden paths. You don't have to go out your way to locate this upgrade, as you will eventually run into it as you progress through the stage.

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