FamilyManic the Hedgehog (Adoptive Son)
Voice Actor(s)Maurice LaMarche
First AppearanceBeginnings - Origins

Ferrell is a large insect creature who appears in the Sonic Underground animated series and is the adoptive father of Manic the Hedgehog. He is an important member in the Mobian crime world and appears to be part of a gang of thieves.

After Queen Aleena is forced to give up her three children, she leaves Manic on a doorstep in the city, but before the door can be answered one of Ferrell's gang members takes Manic back to Ferrell. They decide to take Manic in and Ferrell raises him like a son.

Years pass, and by the time Manic is a teenager Dr. Robotnik has become aware of Manic's existence and arrests and roboticises Ferrell, along with Uncle Chuck and Lady Windimere who had also been hiding Manic's other brother and sister.

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