Great Bane Motora Gold

Great Bane Motora Gold
Features inSonic the Hedgehog Chaos
LevelTurquoise Hill Zone
Previous BossNone, first boss
Next BossDangerous Ball Tower

Great Bane Motora Gold, also known as Lady Bug, is the first boss in Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos and is found at the end of Act 3 in the Turquoise Hill Zone.

This boss is just an enlarged version of the standard Bane Motora badnik found earlier in the Turquoise Hill Zone, with no extra upgrades or abilities, it is simply just larger. Due to the giant spring on it's back, it cannot be attacked on it's shell. Instead to damage the boss the player must roll into it's head or back. It is also possible to jump onto the front of the boss' head, but this is difficult to do successfully without accidentally hitting the spring. After 5 hits the boss is destroyed.

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