Green Forest

Green Forest
Green Forest.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeForest
Boss(es)Shadow (before Green Forest)
Preceded byMetal Harbor
Proceeded byPumpkin Hill

Green Forest is the fifth stage of the Hero Story and the third stage played as Sonic in Sonic Adventure 2. This stages takes place in a forest, also on Prison Island.

The level begins after he meets Shadow for the first time and battles him, in a boss battle. Afterwards, Shadow will get a call from Dr. Eggman, telling him to escape before the island explodes. Sonic overhears the conversation and decides to escape, while finding Amy and Tails.

[edit] Gameplay

This is another speed stage and it has Sonic traversing through a forest. He must complete the stage within 8 minutes or the island explodes on him. There will be occasions where Sonic must use the vines to reach different sections of the forest. Also, he will reach an area where he must use the springs to climb to the top of one of trees. Near the end, after using the final vine, Sonic must rush to the Goal Ring along the collapsing platforms

[edit] Upgrade

The upgrade on this stage is the Ancient Light, which is found after getting past the second vine. This grants Sonic the Light Speed Attack, an ability to destroy multiple enemies at once.

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