Hang Castle

Hang Castle
Hang Castle.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Heroes
Level TypeHaunted Castle
Preceded byLost Jungle
Proceeded byMystic Mansion

Hang Castle is the eleventh stage of Sonic Heroes. This stage is of a haunted theme with many supernatural aspects such as invisible paths, pumpkin ghosts, levitating platforms, and switches that can flip the world upside down, allowing for new areas to explore. There is also a new enemy that has the ability to drain your rings as well as heal nearby enemies.


[edit] Team Sonic

Sonic mentioned that he saw Shadow and Dr. Eggman head in this direction, so the team proceed through the castle.

  • Normal Mission - Infiltrate the mysterious castle.
  • Extra Mission - Get to the Goal Ring within 6 minutes.

[edit] Team Dark

Shadow is wondering how Sonic remembers him and still has questions for Eggman, so Team Dark also proceed through the castle.

  • Normal Mission - Enter the spooky castle.
  • Extra Mission - Defeat 100 enemies.

[edit] Team Rose

The team winds up near the castle and Amy encourages Cream and Big to go through it in order to save Froggy and Chocola.

  • Normal Mission - Find the haunted castle.
  • Extra Mission - Collect 200 rings.

[edit] Team Chaotix

The mysterious voice orders Team Chaotix to find keys in order to proceed inside of the castle.

  • Normal Mission - Get the keys(10) to the haunted castle.
  • Extra Mission - Find the keys(10) without being detected.

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