Harmony or Something - Origins

Harmony or Something - Origins
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SeriesSonic Underground
Episode No.3
Previous EpisodeGetting to Know You - Origins
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Harmony or Something is the third episode in the Sonic Underground animated series, and the last of the three part Origins storyline. This episode continues the theme of the three siblings getting to know and get along with one another.

[edit] Synopsis

This episode starts with Dr. Robotnik berating Sleet and Dingo for their recent failure in capturing the three hedgehogs and orders for them to be robotocised. However, in order to stop him, Sleet shows Dr. Robotnik some footage they managed to capture before they were defeated, showing Sonic, Sonia and Manic underground training. Dr. Robotnik is certain that the Oracle of Delphius must be behind this and orders Sleet and Dingo to go and locate his cave whilst he continues his own investigations.

Sonic, Sonia and Manic are still training with Fellonius, the monk they met in the previous episode, and are trying to learn to work together, to harmonise, in order to gain full control of their powers and medallions. Whilst they are training, Fellonius detects that the resistance back home in Robotropolis is in danger and shows them a vision of Trevor, a resistance member familiar to Sonic, being captured. The three, despite Fellonius' warning that he doesn't believe they are ready yet, go back home to rescue their friend.

Once they arrive, Manic is able to show Sonic and Sonia a thieves route into the main city via tunnels that go directly into Dr. Robotnik's citadel. Here they see Dr. Robotnik interrogating Bartleby to try and learn Sonia's whereabouts but he denies any knowledge of where she is. Dr. Robotnik lets him go eventually, but not before reminding him about the possibility that he will be robotocised for opposing him. Soon enough, Sonic, Manic and Sonia find and rescue Trevor and make their escape, but not before learning that Sleet and Dingo are going after the Oracle. Trevor offers to help them by stealing a ship and acting as a distraction whilst the three siblings steal one of their own to go after the Oracle.

On the way there, Dr. Robotnik realised that one of his ships has been stolen and, after realising who by, activates the remote self-destruct and locks the three inside. But before it can explode Manic reveals he had earlier stolen an over-ride key and they manage to escape the ship before it detonates. They then make their way to the cave, arguing along the way until a vision of Queen Aleena reminds them to work together.

They soon reach Sleet, Dingo and a small army of robots but, using Manic's new skills with his drums in particular which have the ability to crack the earth and cause earthquakes, are able to flush them out of the cave and save the Oracle. At the end of the episode Queen Aleena and the Oracle talk, revealing that the Oracle couldn't be hurt by the army anyway, and that they let the three hedgehogs believe he was in danger in order to improve their skills.

[edit] Characters

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