Help:Creating A Sonic Wiki Page

Now obviously there is a lot of work to be done on the Sonic NeoWiki. As Sonic has such a vast history, there are a lot of pages that need to be added. At the moment, I'm currently working on some more templates other than the game statistics one, mainly for characters and other things, which I will link to so you can use them. Here's a few pointers on how to create a good Sonic wiki page.



There is a wealth of Sonic information out there. One of the best sources around, especially for the bits of Sonic left on the cutting room floor, is Sonic CulT. Other great sources for information are Sonicology and the Sonic Retro wiki. Do not hotlink images from the Cult or any other place; save images and upload them via your toolbox. Also, especially for beta and prototype versions of Sonic games, do not add your own theories to the Wiki. Only add what we know is fact, or what is the general consensus on the subject.

Use Categories!

The categories implemented are here for a reason; to catalogue the pages for easier surfing. With this in mind, we would really appreciate it if you would link the majority of the pages to categories. New categories are always being made, but please do double check with the Categories page that the category doesn't already exist when you make one.

Grammar and Spelling!

Okay, you may not be the best in your English class, but please do make an effort to spellcheck your work, and to make sure it scans well. It makes a huge difference reading a page with properly punctuated sentences and proper spelling over one typed in instant messenger speak.

No Fan Characters!

With the exception of glitches such as Ashura and Wechnia, please do not add your own fan characters to the Wiki. They're not part of the Sonic universe, no matter how much you wish them to be.

Good examples of pages

We want pages of this quality, so strive to make or edit pages this good.

I guess this pretty much covers it. If you still need help creating a Wiki page, then consult the NeoWiki help forum on Neoseeker.[1]

Thanks, Keyzer