Hot Shelter

Hot Shelter
Hot Shelter.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Level TypeEgg Carrier
Boss(es)Big: Chaos 6
Gamma: E-105 Zeta
Preceded byAmy: Twinkle Park
Big: Emerald Coast
Gamma: Red Mountain
Proceeded byAmy: Final Egg
Big: None
Gamma: None

Hot Shelter is a stage appearing in Sonic Adventure. This stage takes place on the Egg Carrier and it's split into three major sections. The first section takes place near an aquarium area, the second section is in the Egg Carrier's mechanical area, and the final section is in the carrier's transit system. Amy, Big, and Gamma are the only characters who can access the stage.


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Amy

This is Amy's second stage and she proceeds through the first two sections. In the first section, which is brief, she proceeds through a corridor that leads to an open area that fills with water. She must get through the next area by rotating the switch in certain directions, which would unlock the door. Inside, she proceeds through a few more halls before entering the second section.

Her second section is fairly long and she must get through the mechanical area of the Egg Carrier. There are many mechanical gears she must cross and elevators she must ride. Also, there are two occasions where she must place the colored blocks into their corresponding slots to access the next area. She will eventually reach the goal.

[edit] Big

This is Big's final stage and he only proceeds through the first section. He notices Froggy on the other side of the glass, in the water. Big must hit the switch, to transfer the water from the other side of the glass to the room he's currently and fish out Froggy.

[edit] Gamma

This is also Gamma's final stage and he proceeds through the second section and is the only character to proceed through the final section. He starts off proceeding through the mechanical area, similar to Amy, although he does not have to focus on any puzzles like her.

In the final section, Gamma must ride a train while destroying the enemies in the process. He also must hop on the different cars in order to progress to the end. Once the train brakes, Gamma will proceed through a few more halls and will encounter E-105 Zeta, who Gamma must defeat to free the animal.

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