Huge Crisis

Huge Crisis
Huge Crisis.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Rush
Level TypeGUN's Base
Boss(es)Egg Hammer Fortress
Preceded bySonic: Night Carnival
Blaze: Altitude Limit
Proceeded bySonic: Altitude Limit
Blaze: Dead Line

Huge Crisis is the fifth zone for Sonic and the sixth zone for Blaze in Sonic Rush and it take's place on a base by GUN.

[edit] Gameplay

Huge Crisis has Sonic and Blaze progressing through GUN's sea base. The characters will be traveling along several of their boats on the sea. This zone features many GUN robots throughout both Acts. There are sections, where Sonic and Blaze are trapped in a room and both characters can only progress by defeating all of the GUN robots.

There are obstacles that can hinder the player, such as jet streams and pillars, the latter which can crush the player if they aren't careful. Finally there are stage specific objects which players must use to progress such as the tubes, mechanical cranes, and power sleds.

The boss of this zone is the Egg Hammer Fortress.

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