Ice Cap

Ice Cap
Ice Cap.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Level TypeMountains
Preceded bySonic: Casinopolis
Tails: Casinopolis
Big: Twinkle Park
Proceeded bySonic: Twinkle Park
Tails: Sky Deck
Big: Emerald Coast

Ice Cap is a stage appearing in Sonic Adventure. This stage is split into three sections. The first is a brief section that has the player on the snowy mountains, the second section takes place inside of a snow cave, and the final section takes place outside on the snowy mountains once more. Sonic, Tails, and Big are the only characters who can access this stage.


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Sonic

Once you get the Ice Stone in Station Square, you must take it to an ice cave in the Mystic Ruins, which will lead to the stage's entrance.

This is Sonic's fourth stage and he's the only character that heads through all three sections. In the first section, he must simply make his way through the snowy mountains. A rocket will take him to the cave. Inside the cave, he must climb his way to the top using the springs, ice stalactites, and the numerical pads. In the final section, Sonic will notice an avalanche approaching him. He must snowboard down the mountain to escape.

[edit] Tails

This is Tails' third stage and he only proceeds through the final section. Tails must race Sonic by snowboarding down the mountain and be the first to reach the goal. His snowboard section is the same as Sonic's.

[edit] Big

This is Big's second stage and he only proceeds through the second section. Big's search for Froggy led him to this location and it's his job to fish him out in the cold waters. Big must use the boulders to break the ice, in order to fish him out.

In this stage, Big can find one of the Lure upgrades, which boosts his Fishing Rod's power, allowing him to catch fishes of larger sizes.

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