Johnny Lightfoot (STC)

Johnny Lightfoot
First AppearanceSonic the Comic 008

Johnny Lightfoot is a rabbit who exists in the Sonic the Comic continuity, his design being based on the small animal of the same name that feature as prisoners inside badniks from the games.


[edit] History

Whilst it is possible he first appeared in Sonic the Comic #1, several unnamed rabbits appeared in various issues leading up to issue #8, but were never named, so it is unknown if any of these rabbits were Johnny.

[edit] Joining the Freedom Fighters

He was first officially introduced in Sonic the Comic #8 when he, along with Sonic, Tails and Porker Lewis travel to the Special Zone so that Sonic, with the aid of the Omni-Viewer, can show his friends how he turned blue and gained his speed. In the same issue they four of them were sent forward in time 6 months by Dr. Robotnik, during this time the planet was virtually entirely overthrown. Johnny then joined up with Sonic as a member of his freedom fighting team.

[edit] Death

Whilst Porker was more of the clever "techie" sort of character, Johnny served as a more all-rounded character with no particular strength that set him apart from the other members of Sonic's Freedom Fighting group. This would ultimately lead to the decision that Johnny would be killed off in one of the later stories in the comic, sacrificing his life to help the group fight against Chaos.

[edit] Skills

Johnny's weapon of choice was a metal staff and he was generally seen in blue jeans and a red jacket.

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