Lady Windimere

Lady Windimere
FamilySonia the Hedgehog (Adoptive Daughter)
First AppearanceBeginnings - Origins

Lady Windimere is a character who appears in the Sonic Underground animated series and the adoptive mother of Sonia.

After Queen Aleena is forced to give up her three children, she leaves Sonia on the doorstep of Lady Windimere, a wealthy aristocrat who takes her in and raises her as her own daughter. She tries to reel in Sonia's energetic nature and teach her more refined skills such as learning the piano.

Years pass, and by the time Sonia is a teenager Dr. Robotnik has become aware of Sonia's existence and arrests and roboticises Lady Windimere, along with Uncle Chuck and Ferrell who had also been hiding Sonia's two brothers.

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