Leaf Storm

Leaf Storm
Leaf Storm.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Rush
Level TypeForest
Boss(es)Egg Hammer Mega
Preceded bySonic: None
Blaze: Night Carnival
Proceeded bySonic: Water Palace
Blaze: Mirage Road

Leaf Storm is the first zone for Sonic and second zone for Blaze in Sonic Rush. It takes place mainly in a forest. This zone is very straightforward as it's the zone which introduces the player to the game's controls and mechanics.

[edit] Gameplay

Leaf Storm is a zone that helps the player become accustomed with the controls. This stage has Sonic and Blaze progressing through a grassy forest. There are vines throughout the stage, which can be used as grind rails or swinging through trees, into different areas.

Near the end, in Act 2 of this zone, Sonic and Blaze must run down a hill as quickly as possiblr to escape the enormous wheel that was chasing them. If they come in contact with the wheel, it will result in the lost of a life.

The boss of this zone is the Egg Hammer Mega.

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