Levitated Ruin

Levitated Ruins
Levitated Ruins.png
Appearance(s)Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level TypeFlying Fortress
Preceded byEvil Foundry
Proceeded byPirate Storm

Levitated Ruins is the fourth stage of Sonic and the Secret Rings. This stage is set in the skies at a flying fortress.


[edit] Plot

Sonic and Shahra arrive at the Levitated Ruins, where they are searching for Sinbad(played by Knuckles). They want Sinbad to give them information on how to defeat the Ifrit at Evil Foundry. They eventually encounter Sinbad, only to see that he's trapped inside of a cage. Sinbad agreed to assist them if they managed to free him from within the cage. Therefore, Sonic sets off to free Sinbad by using the mirrors throughout the stage to break open the locks.

After freeing him, Sinbad suggests that they simply splash water on the Ifrit which leads to Sonic mocking him. Eventually, Sinbad continues with his suggestion, stating that the Water Blue Ring is necessary to defeat the Ifrit, but the pirates stole it from him. Sonic decides to pursue the pirates for that ring, leading to the next stage Pirate Storm.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Go for the Goal

  • Find Sinbad.

This stage has Sonic traversing through the many battleships in the skies. There are sections on some of the battleships in which strong winds may push Sonic backwards if he's not running quickly. The winds will cause pillars to fly in Sonic's direction, harming him if you're not careful.

There's a section where Sonic will be chasing a Gargoyle, who lets out a pathway while he's flying throughout the stage. Also, there are Gargoyles who can temporarily turn Sonic into stone. Too free yourself, you're required to shake the Wii Remote. Some are required to be defeated in order to move on. The Gargoyles use their wings as shield and you must use the Homing Attack on it three times when it opens up, in order to defeat it.

Near the end you must climb to the top of the tower, where Sinbad is captured.

[edit] Rampage

  • Defeat 1 enemy.

Sonic must simply use the rope and swing far enough, to jump and reach the enemy. If close enough, the reticule for you to use the Homing Attack will appear, allowing you to attack the only enemy and clear the stage. If you're too far away or if you swing too much, Sonic will fall into the bottomless pit and must repeat the stage.

[edit] Head to Head

  • Beat Uhu to the Goal

As with previous stages, Sonic must race Uhu and be the first one to reach the goal. Sonic begins by running on a straight path while avoiding many spikes. He must grind on a set of rails and Homing Attack a set of enemies before landing on one of the battleships, where he will proceed through one more straight way before reaching the goal.

[edit] Perfect Challenge

  • Don't take damage.

This stage is very short. Sonic begins at the entrance to the tower. He must climb to the top of the tower while avoiding the many spiked balls and enemies.

[edit] Special Challenge

  • Open Sinbad's Cage

This stage is of normal length. The goal is to break the four locks that are holding Sinbad's cage closed. To do that, Sonic must head to the top of four different towers and hit a switch that will cause the mirror to destroy a lock. After hitting each switch, Sonic will warp back to the beginning of the stage, where he will be taken to another tower. Hitting all four switches will free Sinbad from his cage, thus clearing the stage

[edit] Diehard Challenge

  • Don't get defeated

This is another short stage. Sonic begins inside of a tower and must once again make it to the top while avoiding the many spiked balls that descend from the sky.

[edit] Hands Off

  • Finish with 0 rings.

In this stage, Sonic is sliding down a rip cord and must move to the left or right to avoid the rings. There are also enemies that Sonic must purposely touch if he collects a ring. Sonic will clear the stage if he successfully reaches the goal with no rings.

[edit] Perfect Challenge

  • Don't take damage

This stage also begins in the tower and Sonic must make it to the top without taking damage. There are normal enemies, as well as Gargoyles, which must be defeated to progress. There are three switches that Sonic must hit, with the final switch revealing a spring that will launch Sonic towards the top of the tower, where the goal is held.

[edit] Rampage

  • Defeat 20 enemies.

This stage is designed differently from any of the previous missions. You start by climbing a tower, then you'll be running along a path let out by a Gargoyle, followed by a set of Launcher Hoops, and finally a rip cord sending you back to the start of the stage. The stage will keep looping until you defeat 20 enemies.

[edit] Beat the Clock

  • Finish within 90 seconds.

This mission is short, in that it only has you making your way to the top of the tower, similar to other missions. The only difference is that the enemies and obstacles are placed in different areas.

[edit] Collect Rings

  • Collect 80 rings.

The mission is very short, in that you only go through a small straight way. The rings are stacked vertically and to reach the higher placed rings, you must correctly time your Homing Attack on the enemy, so when you bounce off of it, you'll gain height, allowing you to gain all of the rings. There's a switch that causes a spring to to appear, which launches you onto a carpet. After you bounce off of the carpet, use the Homing Attack to reach the other enemy and collect the remaining rings.

[edit] No Pearls

  • Don't get any pearls.

There are pearls scattered throughout the stage. You'll mainly be going along the very narrow path created by the Gargoyle, followed by riding down the rip cord to the goal. You must simply reach the goal without collecting a single pearl, otherwise you will fail the mission and must restart from the beginning.

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