Lost Jungle

Lost Jungle
Lost Jungle.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Heroes
Level TypeJungle
BossTeam Dark (using Team Sonic)
Team Sonic (using Team Dark)
Team Chaotix (using Team Rose)
Team Rose (using Team Chaotix)
Preceded byFrog Forest
Proceeded byHang Castle

Lost Jungle is the tenth stage of Sonic Heroes and a continuation of Frog Forest. As with the previous stages, there are green frogs which create rain, allowing teams to progress through the new paths that open up. This stage introduces black frogs which creates rain that undoes the effects of the green frogs. There are secret paths available, which require you to not get detected or else the black frog will destroy the platforms and routes, making them inaccessible. At the end of Team Sonic and Team Dark's version of the stage, they must get through the swamp while avoiding a giant crocodile.

After completing the stage, Team Sonic will have a team battle against Team Dark, as well as Team Rose having a battle against Team Chaotix.


[edit] Team Sonic

  • Normal Mission - Venture through the deepest part of the jungle.
  • Extra Mission - Get to the Goal Ring within 6 minutes.

[edit] Team Dark

  • Normal Mission - Explore the deepest part of the jungle.
  • Extra Mission - Defeat 100 enemies.

[edit] Team Rose

  • Normal Mission - Escape the jungle.
  • Extra Mission - Collect 200 rings.

[edit] Team Chaotix

  • Normal Mission - Rescue 10 Chao.
  • Extra Mission - Rescue 20 Chao.

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