Lost Prologue

Lost Prologue
Lost Prologue.png
Appearance(s)Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level TypeTutorial
Preceded byNone
Proceeded bySand Oasis

Lost Prologue is the tutorial stage of Sonic and the Secret Rings. The missions in this stage introduces the controls and mechanics that will be used throughout the entire game. Only the first 8 missions are required to advance to the next stage, although you can unlock the remaining missions later in the game.


[edit] Plot

After Sonic encounters Shahra, she pulls him into the world of the Arabian Nights. He first appears in an empty world, which consists of Sonic running on 'pages' of the Arabian Nights. After completing the first 8 missions, Sonic will encounter Erazor Djinn, who's threatening the Arabian Nights' world. The Erazor Djinn is disappointed that Shahra has not collected the Seven World Rings, therefore he launches a fire bolt at her, but Sonic takes the hit. He mentions when that particular flame extinguishes, Sonic would die. The villain orders Sonic and Shahra to bring him the Seven World Rings before departing.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Paragraph 1

  • Tilt the Wii Remote left and right and collect 50 Rings.

Sonic must simply run along a straight path collecting 50 rings along the way. He must also avoid a few obstacles.

[edit] Paragraph 2

  • Use the Charge Jump move to reach the goal.

Sonic is running along a straight path once again. He must jump over the hurdles to progress. The hurdles will increase in height, forcing Sonic to charge his jumps for longer periods.

[edit] Paragraph 3

  • Use the Jump Dash move to reach the goal.

Sonic is going on a straight path and must cross large gaps using the Jump Dash, which is done by jumping and move the Wii Remote forward.

[edit] Paragraph 4

  • Use Homing Attacks to defeat 10 enemies.

This mission introduces the first set of enemies. Sonic must use the Homing Attack once the lock on cursor turns red over the enemy. He can also perform chains of Homing Attacks, if there are multiple enemies. There are some bottomless pits which Sonic must be careful not to fall into.

[edit] Paragraph 5

  • Use proper braking to reach the goal.

Sonic is running on a thin path and must brake at the correct time to let the spike balls pass, allowing him to run through. Sonic can stop running by pressing the 1 button. There are no rings in this stage, so getting hit by a spike ball will send Sonic back to the beginning.

[edit] Paragraph 6

  • Use back moves and collect 25 Rings.

Sonic must simply walk backwards and collect 25 rings along the way. To walk backwards, you must tilt the Wii Remote back toward yourself.

[edit] Paragraph 7

  • Use 10 small jumps and reach the goal.

This is similar to the second mission, but will smaller hurdles. Simply tap the 2 button while running to do a small jump. Complete 10 small jumps before reaching the goal, otherwise you will fail the mission.

[edit] Paragraph 8

  • Use grinding to reach the goal.

This mission introduces rail grinding. Sonic is on a straight path and is forced onto a rail. Hold 2 while grinding to increase your speed. Release the button to jump off the rail.

[edit] Paragraph 9

  • Use Speed Break to reach the goal.

At the beginning, Sonic must collect Pearls to build up his Soul Gauge. After it's built up, you can use Speed Break by pressing Up on the D Pad. This allows Sonic to blast through the stage at lightning speeds.

[edit] Paragraph 10

  • Use Time Break to reach the goal.

At the beginning, Sonic must collect Pearls to build up the Soul Gauge, similar to the last mission. He will reach a section where there are Spikes moving up and down very fast. The only way Sonic can get through is by using Time Break, which slows down time. The spike balls speed will decrease, allowing Sonic to pass through.

[edit] Paragraph 11

  • Use Sliding Attacks to defeat 3 enemies.

Sonic is running on a straight path and must simply slide once an enemy approaches by holding down the 2 button while running.

[edit] Paragraph 12

  • Use the Homing Attack while in Time Break.

There are many spikes spinning very quickly around the enemies. You're required to use Time Break and find an opening for you to use a Homing Attack. There are no rings in this stage, so getting hit will send you back to the beginning.

[edit] Paragraph 13

  • Use the Fire Gaze and break 20 boxes.

There are more than 20 boxes, so you have plenty of opportunities to meet the goal. To use the Fire Gaze, simply jump and press 1 while in mid air. This will allow Sonic to slam down towards the ground.

[edit] Paragraph 14

  • Use Down Cancel.

If Sonic gets knocked back by an enemy or hazard, he can flip back upright by pressing 2. In this stage, you have to Down Cancel from taking damage from the spike ball.

[edit] Paragraph 15

  • Collect 10 Rings using Back Step.

Sonic must use the Back Step while walking backwards, collecting 10 rings along the way. To back step, you must tilt the Wii Remote towards yourself, while pressing 2.

[edit] Paragraph 16

  • Splash Jump practice. Head for the goal.

When using a Jump Dash towards a wall, you can gain extra height and possibly flip over that wall. You must Splash Jump over the, otherwise, non passable walls.

[edit] Paragraph 17

  • Use the Mini Turbo and head for the goal.

To use the Mini Turbo, you must shake the Wii Remote right before the announcer says go. If done successfully, Sonic will get a boost of speed at the beginning. There are many obstacles you must avoid as you make your way towards the goal.

[edit] Paragraph 18

  • Perform a Rocket Start and reach the goal.

Same as above, with more precise timing. This gives a faster speed boost than the Mini Turbo skill.

[edit] Paragraph 19

  • Use the Warp Dash and head for the goal.

Same as the previous two missions, with even more precise timing. This gives a faster speed boost than the Rocket Start skill.

[edit] Paragraph 20

  • Clear the stage as quickly as possible.

Sonic must use all of what he learned in the tutorial, such as the Homing Attack, Short Jump, and Rail Grinding and clear the stage in 90 seconds. He must avoid enemies and the different hazards.

[edit] Paragraph 21

  • Clear the stage as quickly as possible.

Same as Paragraph 20. Rail Grinding, Sliding Attack, and Jump Dash plays a lare role in this mission.

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