Mammoth Mogul

Mammoth Ixis Mogul
Mammoth Ixis Mogul, fighting Chaos Knuckles
First AppearanceSonic the Hedgehog #38

[edit] History

Mammoth Mogul an ancient Mobian and was part of a race of Mobian mammoths. He was like every other Mobian but his life changed during the coming of the chaos emeralds. As they fell from the sky he found one which gave him immense power as well as immortality. Suddenly given great intellect he decided to take over the world and rule as their enlightened ruler. However the ancient Mobians eventually overthrew him. Throughout millennia he began build an army and learnt to control his chaos powers, but when he finally made his attack he was defeated by the Albion Knights of Aurora. He went into a form of hibernation and awoke in the current time, with a new rival, Sonic the Hedgehog.

[edit] Recent Plans

Mogul made several attempts at gaining power, all of which were thwarted, so he began to realise that a direct approach had been doomed to fail. He began plotting, and used his powers to pit the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix against each other so he could steal the Sword of Acorns. Unfortunately for him Sally Acorn and Archimedes saw through his tricks and the two groups confronted him for possession of the Sword of Acorns. However, Mogul managed to trick them into taking a fake replica of the sword and escaped with the real one. Afterwards he used his powers to call forth [[Knuckles|Knuckles']' ancestor, Dimitri, who took the name Enerjak, from his exile from Mobius. Enerjak then attacked the city of Echidnaopolis and Mogul used the confusion to drain the eleven chaos emeralds that fuelled Enerjak's powers. At that point he had 12 emeralds since he had stolen the emerald that kept Angel Island afloat and he used their powers to become Master Mogul. He was then challenged by the combined forces of Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, Turbo Tails, Athair, the Brotherhood of Guardians, and the Ancient Walkers. In the end he was defeated, and the energies he absorbed made the Master Emerald, which he was trapped in.

[edit] Escape

When Eggman shattered the Master Emerald to feed Chaos, Mogul was set free and he used the last bit of his power to mortally wound the Ancient Walkers. Then he captured Turbo Tails and left a doppelganger in his place as Merlin Prower transported him away. Over the next few weeks Mogul drained Turbo Tails of his strength to regain some power. Eventually he was caught and chased off by Sonic. Then he set a trap for Chaos Knuckles by threatening to kill Dimitri. Eventually Knuckles went to save Dimitri and while he succeeded Mogul used the Chaos Syphon to drain Knuckles' power, and Knuckles perished.

When Knuckles returned from the afterlife to help his friends he caused an imbalance in the Chaos Force that allowed Mogul to regain complete control. He turned into Master Mogul for the second time and began destroying the Multiverse. This time Mogul was attacked by an army of Tails' from different zones who fused together with the real Tails to become Titan Tails and they defeated Mogul, trapping him inside his own Chaos Emerald.

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