Marxio Brothers

Marxio Brothers
Chicio, Grouchio, and Harpio
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #18

The Marxio Brothers, Grouchio, Chicio, and Harpio, are three brothers who appear in the Sonic the Comic continuity. They are a parody of both the Marx Brothers and the Mario Brothers.

[edit] History

As humans they are not native to Mobius and were brought to the planet by Dr. Robotnik from Marxio World, a place they are terrified of returning to when Dr. Robotnik threatens to send them back if they fail their missions. They are employed by Dr. Robotnik and are left to run his more commercial operations, such as the Casino Night Zone and, later, the Carnival Night Zone.

In their first appearance Dr. Robotnik left them in charge of the Casino Night Zone, where all the games were rigged and, from a giant statue of Dr. Robotnik, hypnotising rays were being emitted, turning all the patrons to the zone into compulsive gamblers. However, Sonic and Porker Lewis were able to put a stop to them.

[edit] The Brothers

The three brothers were originally three electricians (a parody on the fact that the Mario Brothers were originally two plumbers) from Marxio World.

Grouchio, based on Groucho Marx, is the leader of the brothers and likes to take charge of their operations, taking all the credit for them in the process. He bosses around his brothers and then, when their plans fail, blames them for their failings.

Chicio, based on Chico Marx, is the more technically minded of the three and is the one who builds most of their traps. Unlike Grouchio he speaks with a stereotypical Italian accent, much like Mario does.

Harpio, based on Harpo Marx, is mute and only communicates using a horn.

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