Mega Jet

The Sega Mega Jet was a portable handheld video game console released exclusively in Japan by Sega. It was a portable version of the Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis, and would play all cartridges that didn't require the use of lightguns and other necessary peripherals needed to play specific games. It was used on some Japanese airlines, being so that people could bring their cartridges and play them on the aeroplane. It featured no screen, except had ports and wires to connect it to television screens, i.e. that of the aeroplane. It was wide, with a horizontal landscape holding position. Cartridges poked out of the top of the cartridge slot. The console had a d-pad and Sega Mega Drive / Genesis fascia buttons. It is a collectors' item today, because of it's rarity and credibility. It reaches high prices on eBay and other websites today.

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